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11 July 2010

Biographies: Brian Fitzcount, Lord of Wallingford

• Brian Fitzcount, Lord of Wallingford - Matilda de Wallingford

Brian Fitzcount
Birth: -
Death: -
Burial: -
Father: Alan IV, Duke of Brittany
Mother: -
Marriage: Matilda de Wallingford
Children: Nil

NOTES: Brian Fitzcount (Brien), Lord of Wallingford and Baron Abergavenny, was the illegitimate son of Alan IV Fergant, Count of Brittany. He was sent to the court of King Henry I as a child and like Robert gained high favour, and almost certainly a good education, at court. The letters he exchanged with Gilbert Foliot indicate that this is the case. He married Matilda de Wallingford who brought him the lands of her father, Robert D'Oyly, and those of her late husband, Miles Crispin.

Brian declared for the Empress Matilda in 1139 and was a staunch supporter of her claim. Stephen unsuccessfully laid siege to Wallingford, which would become a recurring irritation throughout his reign. Brian's later years are shrouded in mystery and because he and his wife had no heirs their lands and titles reverted to the crown after their deaths. Although an authentic charter of 1141/2 proves that he held Abergavenny by right of his wife, the story in the 'Abergavenny Chronicle' that he went on crusade is unreliable.

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