~ the battle for England between Stephen of Blois and Matilda The Empress ~


31 July 2010

Biographies: Robert D'Oyly

• Robert D'Oyly - Edith Forne

Robert D'Oyly
Birth: -
Death: possibly c.1142
Father: Nigel D'Oyly
Mother: -
Marriage: Edith Forne
Henry, d.1163

NOTES: Robert D'Oyly the younger was the son of Nigel D'Oyly, Lord of Oxford Castle, and nephew of his namesake Robert D'Oyly d.1091 who was Lord of Wallingford, High Sheriff of Berkshire, builder of Oxford Castle, and one the largest landholders in England.

Robert D'Oyly the younger's marriage to Edith Forne, a former mistress of Henry I, brought him the Manor of Cleydon, Buckinghamshire.

In 1141 Robert declared his support for Matilda, The Empress, against King Stephen, and gave her protection in Oxford between 1141 and 1142. Stephen besieged the castle for three months, and it was during the winter that Matilda is said to have escaped by being lowered down the castle walls and, dressed in white as a camouflage against the snow and fleeing across the frozen ground, made her way to the safety of Wallingford in a story that has now became legendary.

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