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05 July 2010

Biographies: William II

• William II

William II, Rufus
Reign: 1087-1100
Birth: 1056/1060, Normandy, France
Death: 2 August 1100, New Forest
Burial: Winchester Cathedral
Father: William I the Conqueror, King of England
Mother: Matilda of Flanders

NOTES: William was educated under the watchful eye of Lanfranc. His chief adviser as King was Ranulf Flambard. William was an effective soldier and a ruthless ruler. His reign is marked by long and difficult struggles with the Church. He sought to bring the Welsh marches and the Northern counties under English control but wasn't entirely successful. He was killed in an accident in the New Forest while hunting with Walter Tyrell when a stray arrow pierced him in the heart. William Rufus did not marry and it is not easy to form a completely accurate picture of his character as most contemporary chroniclers were unsympathetic toward him due to his troubled relations with the Church.

• William II according to Peter of Blois: William Rufus

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