~ the battle for England between Stephen of Blois and Matilda The Empress ~


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1. Introduction -

• Introduction to the Blog: Introduction

2. Setting the Scene: Background -

• Background, Overview: General Overview

• The Heptarchy - The Seven Kingdoms of Anglo-Saxon England:
• East Anglia; Norwich; Ipswich; Ely; Peterborough; Huntingdon; Cambridge; Bury St Edmunds; The Fens; Mildenhall Treasure; Thetford Treasure; Sutton Hoo: East Anglia
• Essex; Colchester; Waltham Abbey; Hedingham Castle; Treasures of a Saxon King of Essex: Essex
• Kent; the Jutes; Canterbury; Dover Castle: Kent
• Sussex; Battle; Lewes; Bosham; Battle Abbey; Arundel Castle; Lewes Castle; Pevensey Castle: Sussex
• Northumbria; York; Durham Cathedral: Northumbria
• Mercia; Tamworth; Gloucester; Worcester; Offa's Dyke: Mercia
• Wessex; Winchester; Alfred the Great; Edward the Confessor; Earl Godwin; Harold; Westminster Abbey: Wessex

• Edward The Confessor; The Godwin family; Harold II; William the Conqueror; The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle; Encomium Emmae; Emma of Normandy: Edward and the Godwins
• Invasion and Conquest; Battle of Stamford Bridge; Battle of Hastings; Harold II; William the Conqueror; Bayeux Tapestry: Invasion and Conquest
• The Normans; The Gesta Normannorum Ducum, Bayeux Tapestry; Rouen; Caen: The Normans

3. Life in Medieval England -

• Feudalism; Medieval Life; Yearly Cycles; Medieval Celebrations; Medieval Market Towns and Inns: Daily Life - Part I
• Life in the Great Hall; The Roles of Seneschal, Marshal, and Constable; On Horses, Riding, and Transportation: Daily Life - Part II
• The Often Thorny Subject of Marriage and Dowry; Church and Daily Life; Medieval Literature; Medieval Clothing and Jewellery: Daily Life - Part III
• Fun Stuff; Quizzes: Fun Stuff ~ Quizzes

4. Arms and Amour: Anglo-Norman Warfare -

• Sword, Lance, and Battleaxe; The Destrier; Anglo-Norman warfare; Castle Warfare in the Gesta Stephani; The Siege of Bristol; Development of the Medieval Tournament: Arms and Armour: Anglo-Norman Warfare

5. Biographies -

• Harold; Edith Swan-neck; Ealdgyth: Harold II
• William I; Matilda of Flanders: William the Conqueror
• William II: William II
• Henry I; Edith of Scotland (Matilda); Adelica of Louvain; William d'Aubigny: Henry I
• Stephen of Blois; Matilda of Boulogne: King Stephen
• Eustace, Count of Boulogne; Constance of France: Eustace
• William, Count of Boulogne and Earl of Surrey; Isabel de Warenne, 4th Countess of Surrey: William
• Mary (Marie), Countess of Boulogne: Mary of Boulogne
• Matilda; Emperor Henry V; Geoffrey of Anjou: Matilda, The Empress
• Henry II; Eleanor of Aquitaine: Henry II
• Robert of Gloucester, Earl; Mabel of Glamorgan: Robert of Gloucester
• Brian Fitzcount, Lord of Wallingford; Matilda de Wallingford: Brian Fitzcount
• Miles of Gloucester; Sybil de Neufmarché: Miles of Gloucester
• Henry of Blois: Henry of Blois
• King David of Scotland; Matilda, Countess of Huntingdon: King David of Scotland
• The Beaumonts - Waleran, Count of Muelan; Robert, Earl of Leicester; Simon II of St Liz (Simon II de Senlis): The Beaumonts
• Reginald, 1st Earl of Cornwall; Beatrice FitzRichard: Reginald, 1st Earl of Cornwall
• Geoffrey de Mandeville II, 1st Earl of Essex; Rohese de Vere: Geoffrey de Mandeville
• Robert D'Oyly, the younger; Edith Forne: Robert D'Oyly
• Aubrey de Vere II; Alice FitzRichard de Clare: Aubrey de Vere
• Hugh Bigod, 1st Earl of Norfolk; Juliane de Vere; Gundreda: Hugh Bigod
• Roger, Bishop of Salisbury: Roger, Bishop of Salisbury
• William of Corbeil, Archbishop of Canterbury: William of Corbeil
• Theobald of Bec, Archbishop of Canterbury: Theobald of Bec

6. The Anarchy -

• Introduction: The Seeds Are Sown
• 1135-1138: A Coronation and Unrest Grows; The Battle of the Standard
• 1139: Matilda Comes to Claim her Throne
• 1141: The Battle of Lincoln
• 1141: The Aftermath; Matilda's Flight from London; The Rout of Winchester
• 1142 - 1149: Matilda's Escape; Death of Robert of Gloucester; Henry of Anjou
• 1153 and 1154: A Treaty and Death Comes
• Postscript: A Last Word on Matilda The Empress
• Postscript: A Last Word on Stephen and Contemporary Sources

Documents, Extracts, and Addenda -

• Letter of Pope Innocent II Confirming Stephen in his Kingship - 1136:
Document: Letter of Pope Innocent II

• Extracts from The Ecclesiastical History of England by Orderic Vitalis:
Matilda and Robert, Earl of Gloucester arrival at Arundel
Account of the Battle of Lincoln 1141

• Extracts from The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
Entries for the years 1135, 1140, and 1154

Stephen and the Welsh
Stephen's Administration
M'Lord's Trivia
Talking About Legacies
Stephen and Church Affairs

• Orderic Vitalis
• Wace
• The Gesta Normannorum Ducum
• Encomium Emmae Reginae
• The Gesta Stephani
• Peter of Blois
• The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
• Henry of Huntingdon
• William of Newburgh
• The Chronicle of John of Worcester
• William of Malmesbury
• Richard of Hexham
• Medieval Sourcebook (Online)
• The British Library
• Project Gutenberg
• The Society for Medieval Military History
• Arms & Amour of the Medieval Knight
• The Peerage
• Google Books
• The British Museum
• Museum of London
• British History Online
• The Online Medieval & Classical Library
• UK Battlefields Resource Centre

Further Reading:
Notes: there are numerous books which specifically deal with the period of the Anarchy and many, many others with references to the years 1135-1154, the reign of King Stephen. Here is just a selection:

• The Anarchy of King Stephen's reign by Edmund King
• The Reign of King Stephen, 1135-1154 by David Crouch
• King Stephen's Reign (1135-1154) by Paul Dalton, Graeme J. White
• Geoffrey De Mandeville: A Study of The Anarchy by John Horace Round
• Empress Matilda: Queen Consort, Queen Mother and Lady of the English by Marjorie Chibnall